Lior Shoov

Its been a while scince i have posted or wrote any thing here in my  web site. life continues…  i continue…playing where i am , from where i am. travel with life and meeting beautiful people along the way that inspire me so much . and it happens and appeles to me much more in real life ! not through this strange screen we got bizarly so used to… it happens with and when all the senses are avelible body is open. sometimes i am posting and writing about my up coming shows and other times i let the romantic  simple way of spontaniouse playing in the streets or in villages just happen. playing for no one or just for me, or for a few people or for the entire village. these times I am mostely around france , where i live… I want to let you know that if ever you want me to come and play where you live you should just write me! you can find a way to pay me… i am very flexible and open for these adventures! meeting… in different  venues from big cities or big places , very intimate shows are very welcome ! you are invited to invite me icon smile hello! i will be playing in France for the next 2 months: click here for more details...have a beatifuel day!

as well 2 new home recordings  for:

africafeel . liorhomepage

takemeonaride . one minutes before going on stage